An all-day management training event that, through simulation, places delegates from the public, private and voluntary sectors into senior management positions within their specialism allowing them to manage, and propose resolution to, a wide range of relevant issues.

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Training Opportunities

Delegates will have the opportunity to test themselves in a safe environment. They will be able to:

  • Develop their organisational, communication and team building skills and behaviours through interactions with a wide range of associates.
  • Understand how important emotional intelligence is in the modern workspace.
  • Have the opportunity to speak real "truth to power", whilst balancing their political awareness and understanding of the power relationships.

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The Challenge Itself

The training opportunities and outcomes are clearly the priority. But it couldn't be called a Challenge without it being both a challenge and there being suitable rewards on offer for the best performers!

Don't let the challenge aspects deter you though - the event scenario has been written so that all teams, regardless of sector, start from a level playing field and have an equal chance of success.


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General Information

Find out more information about the Challenge here, where they are currently planned (and how to enter) and answers to a few frequently asked questions! And, of course, some wise words from the Challenge Director!

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Team Information

Event specific information can be found here. Please note that some of this information is "password protected" and will be made accesible to team delegates no later than 6 days prior to their event.

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To support the event we also require volunteer facilitators to role play as stakeholders. If this is of interest to you, then details of the requirements can be found here together with links to facilitator-specific event information (suitably password protected!), that will be made available to confirmed facilitators approximately 3 weeks prior to the event.